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1627233 – Turck

1627233 – Turck

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Bi20U-CK40-AP6X2-H1141 Inductive Sensor PNP M12x1 “Turck”

With Extended Switching Distance
Rectangular, height 40 mm
Variable orientation of active face in 5 directions
Plastic, PBT-GF30-V0
High luminance corner LEDs
Optimum view on supply voltage and switching state from any position
Factor 1 for all metals
Protection class IP68
Resistant to magnetic fields
Large coverage
High switching frequency
DC 3-wire, 10…30 VDC
NO contact, PNP output
M12 x 1 male connector
eCl@ss-Code (V5.1.4): 27270101 -/- Inductive proximity switch
Design Rectangular
Construction size 65 x 40 x 40 mm, CK40
Rated switching distance 20 mm
Mounting conditions Flush
Operating voltage 10…30 VDC
Output function NO contact, PNP
Switching frequency 0.250 kHz
Electrical connection Connector, M12 × 1
Housing material Plastic, PBT-GF20-V0, Black
Ambient temperature -30…+85 °C
Protection class IP68
Special features uprox+, Factor 1, Resistant to magnetic fields
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