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2TLA020051R5100 – ABB

2TLA020051R5100 – ABB

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Adam DYN-Info M12-5 Sensor Eden Safety Sensor “ABB”

Adam safety sensor with DYNlink signal and information output. Used with an Eva actuator to form a non-contact safety sensor Eden. M12-5 male connector. Four pieces of DA 1B distance plates and four pieces of DA 2B distance rings are included.
Adam senses the presence of Eva without mechanical contact and therefore without any wear. The compact size of Eden and its 360°mounting possibility make it easy to use in most applications.
Eden is UL approved for use in US and Canada

Number of Outputs:Non-Failsafe, Undelayed Contacts 0
Non-Failsafe, Undelayed Semiconductors 1
Distância de operação (Sn):15 mm
PCB Coated:No
Probability of Dangerous Failure per Hour (PFDH):4.5 10-9 hour
Rated Control Supply Voltage (Us):24 V DC
Technical UL/CSA
Enclosure Type UL/CSA:4X
Temperatura do ar ambiente:Operation -40 … +80 °C
Storage -40 … +70 °C
Grau de proteção:IP67
Material:Housing: Plastic (PBT)
Coating housing: Uncoated
Moulding: Epoxy
Operating Humidity (RHamb):35 to 85% (no icing, no condensation)
Certificates and Declarations (Document Number)
CQC Certificate:No declaration needed
Certificado cULus:2TLC172139D0201
Declaration of Conformity – CCC:No declaration needed
Declaração de conformidade -CE:2TLC172133D0201
Declaration of Conformity – UKCA:2TLC010159D0201
Instruções e Manuais:2TLC172271M0201
Certificado TÜV:2TLC172134D0201
Certificado UL:2TLC172139D0201
Container Information
Unidades de embalagem Nível 1:1 piece
Largura da embalagem Nível 1:0.016 m
Profundidade/Comprimento da embalagem Nível 1:0.075 m
Altura da embalagem Nível 1:0.075 m
Peso bruto da embalagem Nível 1:0.052 kg
Nível de Embalagem 1 EAN:7350024480306
eClass:V11.0 : 27272402
ETIM 7:EC002544 – Magnetic proximity switch
ETIM 8:EC002544 – Magnetic proximity switch
ETIM 9:EC002544 – Magnetic proximity switch
Código de Categoria Granular IDEA (IGCC):6147 >> Non contact sensors
Código de classificação do objeto:B
E-Number (Finland):2313726
E-Number (Sweden):3830222
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