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3AH4305-6RQ44-0ED2 – Siemens

3AH4305-6RQ44-0ED2 – Siemens

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-Z F20+F30 Vacuum Circuit-Breaker 36kV f.120.000 mech.operating cycles pole-centre distance 350mm 31.5kA 2500A operatg.mechanis.EK secondary equipment: operating cycle counter breaker tripping signal 2 position switches for signal: “closing spring charged” closing solenoid with varistor circuitry in the secundary circuit 1 shunt release 1 undervoltage release electrical local closing voltage of closing solenoid DC 110V voltage of 1st shunt release DC 110V voltage of 2nd shunt release DC 110V without 3rd release voltage of operating mechanism DC 110V auxiliary switch 12NO+12NC secondary connection 64-pole plug connector mechanical interlocking rating plate and instructions in english, frequency of secondary voltage 50Hz routine test certificate provided hand crank
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