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7ME4813-1GC12-… – Siemens

7ME4813-1GC12-… – Siemens

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7ME4813-1GC12-1ZA3-Z A02+B11+E14+F01+L86+P0E SITRANS MASS 2100/FC300 Single tube Coriolis flowmeter, diameter DI 1.5 (1/16″), DI 3 (1/8″), DN 4 (1/6″), DI 6 (1/4″), DI 15 (1/2″). Suitable for volume flow, fraction, mass flow, temperature and density measurement of liquids and gases. SITRANS FC sensor MASS2100 or FC300 with SITRANS FC transmitter FCT030 MASS2100 Sensor Di 1.5 with connection size 1/4 inch, Pipe thread ISO228-1 G, pressure PN100 AISI 316L / EN 1.4435 Max. media temperature 125 °C Standard calibration, Mass flow, 2 flow x 2 points Transmitter: Remote wall mount enclosure, Transmitter enclosure: Painted aluminum. Transmitter enclosure: IP67 / NEMA 4X. Analog cable for sensor. (See options for cable gland selection) Standard, no Ex approval Graphical local user interface, 240×160 pixels, Lid window in “Panzer glass Nylon cable glands, M20 Standard software (Transmitter) Modbus RTU RS 485 Non Ex: Ch2: Current/Freq./Pulse. Ch3: None. Ch4: None. active / passive via terminal assignment 2 meter analog signal cable 5 x 2 x 0.34 screened and twisted in pairs. Outside insulation blue PVC With two M20 connectors. Female/Female
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