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7ML5630-0AC00-0GA0 – Siemens

7ML5630-0AC00-0GA0 – Siemens

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Pointek CLS200 RF Capacitance point level switch rod design Detects level and interface in liquids, solids, slurries, and foam. Adjustable, 5.5 m (18.04 ft), insertion, adaptable sensitivity, with the ability to tune out build-up on probe. Process Connection: Threaded, 316L (1.4404) stainless steel 3/4″ NPT ((Taper), ANSI/ASME B1.20.1) Probe length: (length from flange face) (threaded lengths include process thread) Extended Rod, 350mm (13.78″) Thermal Isolator: Without thermal isolator Wetted Seals: FKM Probe Material: 316L Stainless Steel with PPS probe body APPROVALS: Explosion Proof Enclosure With IS Probe, CSA/FM Class I, Div. 1, Gr.A,B,C,D CSA/FM Class II, Div. 1, Gr. E, F, G CSA/FM Class III T4 Enclosure and Lid: Aluminum epoxy coated 2x 1/2″ NPT via adaptor- cable inlet,IP65 .
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