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XCMW115 – Schneider

XCMW115 – Schneider

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Wireless Limit Switch XC Standard Plastic Roller Lever

range of product
Telemecanique Limit switches XC Standard
series name
Miniature format
product or component type
Wireless limit switch
device short name
sensor design
body type
head type
Rotary head
body material
head material
lever material
fixing mode
By 2 screws
type of operator
Spring return roller lever thermoplastic
switch actuation
By 30° cam
type of approach
Lateral approach, 2 directions
communication network type
ZigBee green power – 2.4 GHz conforming to IEEE 802.15.4
electrical composition code
emission power
3 mW
response time
<= 2 ms maximum sensing distance 100 m in free field 300 m with external antenna 25 m in industrial environment contact operation Snap action number of steps 1 Maximum torque for tripping 0.5 N.m maximum actuation speed 0.1 m/s maximum operating rate 60 cyc/mn mechanical durability 400000 cycles switching operation per hour 3600 width 30.0 mm height 108 mm depth 16.0 mm net weight 0.082 kg Environment electromagnetic compatibility Radiated emission Immunity for industrial environments Susceptibility to electromagnetic fields - test level: 3 V/m (80...2700 MHz, distance = 20 m) Susceptibility to electromagnetic fields - test level: 10 V/m (80...2000 MHz) Electrostatic discharge immunity test - test level: 6 kV (on contact (on metal parts)) Electrostatic discharge immunity test - test level: 8 kV (in free air (in insulating parts)) shock resistance 50 gn for 11 ms conforming to IEC 60068-2-27 vibration resistance 25 gn (f= 10…500 Hz) conforming to IEC 60068-2-6 +/- 10 mm (f= 2…11 Hz) conforming to IEC 60068-2-6 IP degree of protection IP65 conforming to IEC 60529 IK degree of protection IK04 conforming to EN 50102 ambient air temperature for operation -25…55 °C ambient air temperature for storage -40…70 °C directives 1999/5/EC - R&TTE directive 2004/108/EC - electromagnetic compatibility standards EN/IEC 60947-1 EN/IEC 60947-5-1 radio agreement IC conforming to RSS FCC conforming to RCM
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