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XM-S1 – Brodersen

XM-S1 – Brodersen

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SPDT Multi Function Timer Relay 0.6-60min 1Cont. “Brodersen”

Supply Voltage 10.5 – 265 V ac/dc
Time Range 0.6 – 60 min
Mode of Operation Symmetrical Recycler with Pause Start, Symmetrical Recycler with Pulse Start, Delay Pulse, OFF Pulse, ON Delay, ON Pulse, ON Pulse with Control Switch, One Shot Symmetrical with Control Switch, One Shot Symmetrical without Control Switch, Release Delay, Release True OFF Delay
Mounting Type Plug In
Time Increment Minutes
Power Supply External
Contact Configuration SPDT
Current Maximum 8A
Terminal Type 11-Pin Connector
Minimum Voltage 10.5 V ac/dc, 24 V dc
Maximum Voltage 265 V ac/dc
Width 53.5mm
Minimum Operating Temperature -20°C
Maximum Operating Temperature +55°C
Switch Configuration SPDT
Time Delay 100 (Reset) ms
Length 75mm
Depth 27mm
Contact Material Silver Alloy
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